We believe our facility can operate consistently with Government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene and we have updated our guidance for players, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents/carers and spectators. We have also revised and updated our Covid-19 risk assessment and Safeguarding risk assessment. 


The FA guidance is that all participants (i.e. adult and youth) should minimise contact in training where possible, e.g. minimise tackles/any drills or practices that require close contact such as set piece or corner practice where several players are in close proximity for a sustained period. Our interpretation of the FA guidance is that coaching sessions should be mostly non contact with social distancing but some contact is allowed e.g. in a training game at the end of a session. Coaches should exercise common sense and consider parent's/carer's views. 

Under-18s, disability teams, volunteers, match officials, guardians, elite players and those travelling for work are all exempt from the travel restrictions between different tiers. 


There is significant emphasis on avoiding congestion in the FA guidance. Due to this, only one parent/carer should attend coaching sessions or matches; and, only coaches and club volunteers are permitted to park at the field. Everyone else must use the leisure centre car park. The club must take a hard line on this as non compliance could lead to action against us. We really don’t want to lose our chance to play football! We thank you for your support on this.


From 24th September 2020 new guidelines will be introduced around track and trace.  Deeping United FC will be providing a QR scan code which should be used to register your attendance at either our Deeping or Baston locations.

Deeping United FC has already received a unique QR Code for each of its locations and these will be available to view at the entrance..

Visitors will need to download the NHS COVID-19 App. which is available for both Android and IOS platforms.  You will only need to download once.  You should use this App. to scan the QR Code which will automatically log your attendance.  You will need to scan for each of your visits to our locations.

In the event that you do not own a smart mobile device, the club will provide an alternative method of logging your attendance.

The NHS has developed some guidance around the use of the new QR Code and can be found by clicking the link below

Football Association COVID-19 Guidance